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  • Funding?

    For our (Ross shep social justice club) project, we have everything planned out and ready to go, but the only foreseeable snag we've run into that is preventing us from putting our campaign project in motion is money. Our group was planning on doing a mural and workshop thing, but in order do so we have to buy some boards from home depot and handles for transporting it. Since we are using paints and paint materials we already own/ stuff from ecostations, the total cost would be 59.58 with tax. I know that that Brit mentioned that there is people at the U of A that might fund projects like this, but because we are supposed to have this project in motion soon idk what to do??

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    I know you're already in touch with Brit, but for anyone else wondering there are funds available.

    Let Julia or Brit know what you need and they can see how they can help.

    If you need substantial amounts of money for continuing your project you can look into some grants.